Cellmid 2017 Annual Report 43
No income tax benefit was recognised. This income tax benefit arising from tax losses will only be realised if:
i. the Group derives future assessable income of a nature and of an amount sufficient to enable the Group to benefit from the
deductions for the losses to be realised;
ii. the Group continues to comply with the conditions for deductibility imposed by tax legislation; and
iii. no changes in tax legislation adversely affect the Group in realising the benefit from the deductions for the losses.
(a) Directors and key management personnel
The following persons were directors or key management personnel of Cellmid Limited during the financial year:
Mr David King (Non-Executive Chairman)
Ms Maria Halasz (CEO and Managing Director)
Mr Bruce Gordon (Non-Executive Director)
Dr Fintan Walton (Non-Executive Director)
(b) Directors and key management personnel compensation
Refer to the remuneration report contained in the directors’ report for details of the remuneration paid or payable to each
member of the Group’s key management personnel for the year ended 30 June 2017.
The totals of remuneration paid to KMP of the company and the Group during the year are as follows:
During the year the following fees were paid or payable for services provided by BDO East Coast Partnership, the auditor of
the parent entity, its related practices and unrelated firms:
2017 2016
$ $
Short term employment benefits 593,538 588,583
Long-term benefits 22,927 13,762
Post employment benefits 28,975 44,175
Share-based payments (52,781) 128,067
592,659 774,587
2017 2016
$ $
Audit or review of the Group Cellmid Limited
-BDO East Coast Partnership – Australia 56,500 56,500
- BDO Toyo & Co – Japan 10,000 10,000
Audit or review of the Subsidiary Advangen Limited
- BDO East Coast Partnership – Australia - 12,500
66,500 79,000