Cellmid 2017 Annual Report
Dear Shareholder,
It is my pleasure to present
to you the 2017 Annual
Report, and again report
solid progress through the
year in both the midkine
protein (Kinera) and
midkine antibody (Lyramid)
operating divisions, as well
as in the consumer health
(Advangen) division.
As foreshadowed last year, the expansion and development
of both the product range and available distribution
channels in Advangen has delivered strong revenue growth
of over 50%. We remain confident that our growing market
penetration, especially in the important USA market, as well
as other initiatives currently being implemented, will drive
further significant growth in the year ahead.
Our strategy of leveraging through a wide range of
highly cost-effective collaborations with well-credentialed
scientists and laboratories around the world is already
yielding impressive results in our midkine portfolio.
During the year we were able to report on peer reviewed
published studies confirming an important role for our
midkine antibodies in bone quality and fracture healing, in
anti-tumour activity in brain cancer, and most recently on
preventing metastatic spread of malignant melanomas.
These ground-breaking studies are highly significant in
our drive towards the commercialisation of our midkine-
related assets. Also during the year, earlier stage research
on the role of midkine and its antibodies in chronic kidney
disease commenced closer to home, in collaboration with
Sydney University/Westmead, partly funded by the Federal
Government’s Innovation Connections grant awarded to
the Company.
We also look forward to the presentation of more and
disparate new studies when our “Midkine family” assembles
in Munich in May 2018 for our fifth Midkine Symposium.
Planning for this Symposium with our colleagues in Munich
from the Katholische Akademi is already well underway.